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Name: katia
Nickname: kat, chickey
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
Age: 22
Occupation: Computer chickey extrodinaire
Job at Freakin' Admin
Favorite V song: All I Ask & Afterglow
Number of times seeing V in concert: A whole lot, eh... 16
Favorite V concert: 12/14/2002 in Rochester and 8/7/03 in NYC.
Favorite color: Gray
Currently in my CD player: Evanescence or Eva
Favorite movie: Matrix
Dislikes: Spammers, stupid/incompetent people
Likes: Ping, traveling and learning new things
Other interests: abusing penguins - haha... music and computers (who needs more?)
Favorite place to be: Not sure, many places 'fit'
Shoe size: 9
Guilty pleasure: Smallville, Friends and new electronic toys o_0
When I grow up: I AM a grown-up, sometimes i wish i wasn't.
Something most people don't know about me: I'm a computer geek? nah, people get that usually... how about I'm really not as unapproachable as it may seem.