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Name: Kevin
Nickname: Vulture
Location: Sea-town
Age: Too damn old
Job at Vulturemod, rare music wh0re, lyric owner.
Favorite V song: "All I Ask"
Number of times seeing V in concert: 2 incredible times, and met her both times.
Dislikes: Apple computers, RIAA & Heineken.
Likes: DVDs, Bud Light, VC(who would have guessed), Dido, David Hodges, & Evanescence
Other interests: Besides movies, beer, cute women and music??
Influences: my faith in Christ.
Favorite place to be: Front row of a Protocol show
Shoe size: 13. You know what they say about a guy with big shoes? He must have big feet.
Guilty pleasure: Trekker for life.