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Name: Tricia
Nickname: T
Location: Turlock, CA
Age: 20
Occupation: Full-time college student, part-time bookstore girl, occasional yoga student
Job at Promoting Michelle Branch...BWAHAHAHAHA Actually I think I'm the resident interviewer and sometime coordinator of things...or something. I moderate and get oogled and not necessarily in that order. Oh yeah...I also update the webpages when there is new news or if there are upcoming events.
Favorite V song: Currently "Carnival"
Number of times seeing V in concert: 5
Favorite V concert: Either 11/10/02 in SF or 8/7/03 in NYC. Both good times.
Favorite color: blue...good thing I'm here, eh?
Currently in my CD player: Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper, Michelle Branch - Live from SF 5/14/03, Michelle Branch - Live from MI 10/25/03. Erm...I mean...something that's not a bootleg. Yeah...that's it. And something not Michelle too...
Favorite movies: Office Space, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Legally Blonde, Brokedown Palace
Dislikes: Spam - the food and the internet poison, people who are purposely irritating...why must you make me suffer so?, Howard Dean and his weirdo acceptance speech even though he basically lost the Iowa Caucus. simma down now...simma down
Likes: Nothing. I hate the world.
Other interests: Besides music and the internet? None. Why would you need something other than music and the internet? A perfect fusing of the two can be found at my music magazine
Influences: I'm a leader baby...I follow no one
Favorite place to be: San Francisco...that's where the love is
Shoe size: 10-11
Paypal account: Love me love me say that you love me
Guilty pleasure: Bubblegum pop. I dig it.
When I grow up: I hope to be no taller than I am now. 6 feet is plenty for me. Seriously though, I'm a bio major, so I'm sure I'll end up researching and teaching somewhere, but I've always really wanted to do promo work for musicians. Like head streetteams and things like that. That's what I do now in my spare time, but I would love to be able to do that for a living. A girl's gotta eat, you know?
Something most people don't know about me: I'm adopted. From Mars.